Whey Icecream

We had the idea some years back about whey protein: Since there are a good number of tastey shakes and other products made from whey, why couldnt whey icecream also be created? Seems it would be the perfect combination of good taste and healthy, not the mention the muscle building capabilities that whey helps with.

So fast forward some years and we had the idea again, so decided to do some research if anyone has made progress with making this. We found a few videos online showing some people who were making their own whey icecream using whey powerder combined with various other ingredients. We plan to try some of these and willl update this page once we have with our feedback, but for now have a look at a few of the mentioned videos:


 This video is a bit long, and the process used would take too long for my taste, but the product seems decent enough. Basically just almond milk, whey, cocoa, and some stevia for sweetening. Now, maybe we could dig out the old homemade icecream mixer and try to speed things up a bit!


This recipe is done a bit faster, as it uses a blender to mix the ingredients. Since ice is blended into the mix, I'm guessing it would be kinda gritty. Also I'm not excited about how the non-dairy creamer is used... that stuff is loaded with weird artificial ingredients.

And here's a guy who seemed to get things together and used a machine to churn the icecream. Now we're talking! This vid is also a bit long, and the dude seems to like to talk a lot... but some good info otherwise.