Is Whey Gluten-Free?

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Since whey protein is an important source of protein in the diets of many health-conscious people today, an increasingly common question being asked is whether whey is considered to be gluten-free? This question arises because many people are also discovering that wheat gluten is a source of digestional problems in an increasing number of people. The reasons for this are varied, from theories of increased levels of gluten in our wheat (causing increased sensitivities), to those who suggest that gluten sensitivity is being greatly exaggerated. No matter the reason, the question is being asked!

According to our sources, whey protein is gluten-free. So this answers the basic question. 

However, things can be more complex than this. Many of the whey protein products available today are not just pure whey protein... many are mixes with other ingredients which might add flavor or other sources of nutrients etc. So the question one must ask is, is a specific product gluten-free? We recommend reading the container for your specific whey-based protein product and make sure it doest not contain gluten if you are trying (or need to) avoid it.